Power Distribution Box

After hearing many hams discussing the use of Anderson Power Poles for their DC hookups, I took the plunge and followed suit.

The idea behind Power Poles is that it makes it easy to connect devices, whether power sources or consumers, and if properly and consistently installed, there is no concern about polarity, and you should end up with a repeatably reliable connection.

In the shack, I needed a way to connect all of my devices along with my power source. I purchased a distribution panel to handle this task. Here are the input and output Power Pole connectors:

Here you can see the individual fuses and LEDs. The output LEDs only light if a fuse opens.

The input (0-32VDC, I’m using 13.8VDC) is fused at 40A. There are two 30A outputs, two 20A outputs, two 10A outputs, one 5A output, and one 3A output.  

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