Coax Entry Box

While this isn’t a terribly technical project, it is one I had been hoping to complete for some time.

I had a number of pieces of coax passing through a hole in the foundation, and onto the radio room. Each was individually grounded. However, they were kind of hanging in the breeze. 

So I purchased an aluminum box, some SO239 bulkhead connectors, and got started. 

I laid out the plan on paper and then used that as a template for the hole locations on the box. I drilled and Dremeled the holes for the SO239 to size. I installed the bulkhead connectors, and the N-type lightning arrester I have for my 2m/70cm vertical at 45′.

I cut out the coax pass-thru in the back of the box, where it would mount to the house, and cut the hole through the side of the porch. I cut the porch hole slightly smaller than then cutout on the box, to reduce the chance of the coax being impacted by the edge of the aluminum box.

I mounted the back of the box to the side of the porch and fed the coax thru and connected the coax to the back side of the bulkhead connectors. I put it all together and then installed a plastic “rain sheild” over top of the box, and waterproofed.

Here is the back of the box:

Here is the assembled and mounted box, showing the rain shield and temporary ground wire:

There is plenty of room for additional SO239 or N connectors for future projects. The box also makes it easy to quickly disconnect or reconnect cables as needed. 

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