TYT TH-9000 Programming

I acquired my TYT TH-9000 220 MHz Mobile at JARSfest 2018. I’m using it as a base along with a J-Pole. It had belonged to a local ham that I had purchased an HF Hybrid rig from. Dick, N1VGY, was now a SK (Silent Key), and his 220 rig was for sale. I purchased it and took it home. After a Factory Reset and and bit of Googling, I got it set up to my local repeaters. The output power was well below spec, but otherwise it works find and I get into my local repeaters.

The programming steps, boiled down to the minimum are:

Set the Frequency
Go to VFO mode (VFO button on Mic)
Using either the Mic Up/Down buttons or the left Rotary knob, select your frequency.

Set the Offset
Press and hold P4 to enter Offset mode; use the left Rotary knob to set the offset value. Each time you press and hold F4, it changes the polarity of the offset, from positive, to negative, to none.

Set the Tone
Press F5 for tone. Use the left Rotary knob to adjust

Store the Channel
Press P3 for Memory Mode
Press F
Rotate the left Rotary knob to choose the channel number.
Press P3 to store the information.

One thing I ran into, was that other settings that apply on a per channel basis, should be set before storing the channel. It doesn’t appear that you can go back and modify settings on an individual channel after the fact, though I could be wrong about this.

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